One Click Apps for your Frappe Sites

Extend functionality of your Frappe sites by finding an app that suits you and install it in a few steps.

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Open Source Alternative to SAP. ERPNext is the world's best 100% open source ERP.

48.6k installs

Email Delivery Service

A plug and play email delivery service for Frappe Cloud.

2.7k installs

POS Awesome

Advanced Point of Sale for ERPNext

1.6k installs


Telegram Integration for ERPNext

1.3k installs


GitHub inspired simple wiki app built on the Frappe Framework

1.1k installs

Frappe Chat

Modern Chat application for the Frappe ecosystem

1.1k installs

Ecommerce Integrations

Ecommerce marketplace integrations for ERPNext.

1.1k installs

PDF on Submit

Automatically create a PDF on document submission

975 installs


Twilio Integration for ERPNext

948 installs

ERPNext Shipping

A Shipping Integration for ERPNext

943 installs


Nextcloud Integration for Frappe sites

781 installs

Project Payroll

For NPOs or companies that need to pay employee salary based on projects.

279 installs

Property Management Solution

Includes: Lease, Daily Checklist, Key Set, Meter, Outsourced Attendance. Requires ERPNext.

278 installs

Frappe LMS

Easy to use platform for creating online courses

229 installs


This app is white label ERPNext for your own brand from a single setting

217 installs

Tanzania Customizations

Country Specific Functionality for Tanzania required for apps developed by Aakvatech

203 installs

Contract Payment

Link between contract with sales invoice and purchase invoice and make dues

153 installs

Grynn Swiss QR Bill

A Swiss QR Bill Generator app for ERPNext. This APP makes it easy to generate QR Invoices, without sending data to 3rd parties. Bugs / Features contact us at

150 installs

Swiss Factur X E Invoicing

Swiss ERPNext App for E-Invoice Hybrid PDF based on Factur-X and ZugFerd (EN 16931 Standards). The PDF is fully compatible with ZugFerd and contains factur-x.xml according to the invoice.

145 installs

IT Management

With IT Management for ERPNext you can manage your companies or your clients it landscape

144 installs

GSTR 2B Reconciler

Reconciliation tool for GSTR 2B and Purchase Register (PR) that includes Purchase Invoices, Credit and Debit Notes

134 installs

S3 Storage Integration

S3 Storage Integration for Frappe Cloud.

123 installs

Frappe Healthcare

One stop solution for all your Healthcare Information System(HIS) & Electronics Medical Records(EMR) needs.

113 installs

ICICI Bank Payouts Integration

Frappe Application to make automated bank payments from your ICICI Bank current account to any party.

112 installs


PAV stands for Partner Added Value, this app has been created for Yemen localization customization.

100 installs

Frappe System Monitor

View your CPU, RAM, Disk Usage and more.

54 installs

Kenya Customizations

Country Specific Functionality for Kenya

49 installs

Stone Warehouse

This is a custom app to manage batch wise balance, especially setup for a ceramic tiles vendor.

37 installs


Manpower Supply services for ERPNext, this app has been created for Saudi Arabia localization customization

33 installs

WhatsApp Integration

WhatsApp Cloud API integration for Frappe / ERPNext sites.

31 installs


Lets System Managers impersonate any user

30 installs

Swiss Accounting Integration

Swiss Accounting Integration for ERPNext is for companies in Switzerland

30 installs

WooCommerce Connector

Allows the synchronisation of items, stock, customers, addresses, sales orders, sales invoices and payment entries to a WooCommerce instance.

29 installs


Shorten links and generate QR code in a click

25 installs

FCM Notification

Send Firebase Cloud Messaging Notifications from your Frappe Site

23 installs


Razorpay, Stripe, Braintree, PayPal and Paytm integration for frappe applications.

18 installs

DATEV Integration

Integration with DATEV Unternehmen Online for ERPNext.

18 installs

Frappe HR

Open Source, modern, and easy-to-use HR and Payroll Software for all organizations.

17 installs

Frappe tinyMCE

Replace frappe's default text editor with tinyMCE

16 installs

Frappe Non Profit

A Non profit app built on top of Frappe Framework & ERPNext

10 installs

Frappe Insights

Free and Open Source Data Analytics Tool for your Frappe Sites

9 installs

ERPNext Germany

ERPNext extension for companies in Germany.

9 installs

Special Item Accountancy Code

This application allow to define Accountancy code on Item according an attribute define on Thirdparty.

4 installs

Incident Management

The alert automated, real time incident marking system. This app is for marking & updating various incidents / accidents happens in any location.

3 installs

KF City 2

The app is designed to facilitate the needs of an organisation like managing and maintaining records of the Assets, issues or complaints and on-site visitors.

2 installs

ERPNext Fiscal Year Based Date Related Fields

ERPNext app to make date related fields respect the default fiscal year

2 installs

Green Checklist

This app is used for maintaining the records/status of daily activities to be carried out.

2 installs

Freight Management

Freight management app allows you to manage freight operations like FCL and LCL shipments with FTL and LTL etc.

1 install

WATI Integration

WATI integration for ERPNext / Frappe

1 install

Indiamart ERPNext Integration

Automatically pull purchase inquires from indiamart and create leads in ERPNext

1 install

Law Management

Manage lawyers, clients, matters(cases), trials and its invoicing

1 install


Purchase Order created from Sales Order with custom and default supplier.

1 install