One Click Apps for your Frappe Sites

Extend functionality of your Frappe sites by finding an app that suits you and install it in a few steps.



Open Source Alternative to SAP. ERPNext is the world's best 100% open source ERP.


Twilio Integration for ERPNext


Nextcloud Integration for Frappe sites


GitHub inspired simple wiki app built on the Frappe Framework

PDF on Submit

Automatically create a PDF on document submission


Telegram Integration for ERPNext

POS Awesome

Point of Sale for ERPNext using Vue.js and Vuteify

ERPNext Shipping

A Shipping Integration for ERPNext

Ecommerce Integrations

Ecommerce marketplace integrations for ERPNext.


Country Specific Functionality for Tanzania required for apps developed by Aakvatech

Property Management Solution

Includes: Lease, Daily Checklist, Key Set, Meter, Outsourced Attendance. Requires ERPNext.

Special Item Accountancy Code

This application allow to define Accountancy code on Item according an attribute define on Thirdparty.

Swiss Factur X E Invoicing

Swiss ERPNext App for E-Invoice Hybrid PDF based on Factur-X and ZugFerd (EN 16931 Standards). The PDF is fully compatible with ZugFerd and contains factur-x.xml according to the invoice.

Frappe School App

School is an easy-to-use Learning Management System with a simple backend and a clean UI.

Grynn Swiss QR Bill

A Swiss QR Bill Generator app for ERPNext. This APP makes it easy to generate QR Invoices, without sending data to 3rd parties. Bugs / Features contact us at

Frappe Chat

Modern Chat application for the Frappe ecosystem

WooCommerce Connector

Allows the synchronisation of items, stock, customers, addresses, sales orders, sales invoices and payment entries to a WooCommerce instance.


PAV stands for Partner Added Value, this app has been created for Yemen localization customization.