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Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is ideal for small to medium-sized projects that require basic performance and scalability. Shared hosting has multiple sites sharing server resources. This makes shared hosting very cost-effective.

Representation of sites and benches in a common server

Site: Your private database instance

When you create a new instance of a Frappe application you create a site that looks like A site is a dedicated database housed in a common server. Like any other web-based SaaS application, multiple sites share the resources of a server. You can customize the subdomain for your site or continue with the default subdomain. You can install multiple Frappe applications on one site. Yes, you heard that right! You're not supposed to pay separately for any new app. 

Private and Shared Benches

Benches are a stack of containers to host multiple sites in an isolated environment for specific versions and applications. Benches offer you with more customization capabilities. 

Any new site is by default created under a shared bench which is managed by the Frappe team. Shared benches simplify hosting tasks as you experience automated upgrades and quick access to 15+ Frappe applications. It is ideal for companies looking for out-of-the-box apps with minimal customisations. 

Hosting your sites on private benches creates an isolated environment for deployment and unlocks deeper control for your deployments. It helps you manage your upgrades, install custom apps, get SSH access, and more. With a private bench, you get access to 150+ ready-to-use Frappe applications available on the marketplace.

Following is a comparison of shared benches vs private benches.

Features Shared Bench Private Bench
Ease of Install, Backup, Monitor
Multi-region hosting
Voluntary upgrades
Isolated deployments
Custom app deployment
(eg. Dev, Staging, Production)
SSH Access
Server Scripts for ERPNext, Framework and FrappeHR
Access to all 150+ marketplace applications
Starting price per site $10/mo $25/mo
  1. Sites in shared benches automatically upgrade to the latest version, whereas sites on private benches can disable automated upgrades

  2. Sites on shared benches get access to 20+ Frappe maintained applications including ERPNext, Frappe HR, Frappe CRM, etc

Shared hosting pricing

₹820 /mo ₹2,050 /mo ₹4,100 /mo ₹8,200 /mo
CPU Time per day
1.0 hour 2.0 hours 4.0 hours 8.0 hours
0.5 GB 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB
5 GB 25 GB 25 GB 25 GB
Automated app upgrades
Weekly updates, major version upgrades
Automated backups
Automated backup of your site every 6 hours
Offsite backups
Frequent backup to secondary servers
Private benches
Install Frappe Marketplace apps or build custom Frappe apps
Database access + SSH Access
Connect database for analytics and get SSH access
Frappe Support
Bug fixes for ERPNext, FrappeHR, Framework

Frequently asked questions

Can I install multiple apps in one site?
Yes! You're not dreaming. There is no restriction on the number of apps that you can install in one site. You can install as many applications in a single site and start using it. Unlike other proprietary software, we don't charge per app, per module or per user.
Is there a per-user limit?
Sites created with any of the plans do not have any user limit. However, these sites are limited by CPU hours per day. This means if there are a lot of users using the site, the site may slow down if the CPU usage limit is reached. For a detailed explanation read this blog post on Pricing.
Where are the servers hosted and where is the data stored?
We host most of our servers with Amazon Web Services (AWS EC2), while a few are hosted via OCI (KSA). You can choose your data center location across 5 continents and 10 countries.
Can I switch (downgrade or upgrade) my plan later?
Yes, if you are unsure which shared hosting plan is best suited for you, just start with any plan (e.g., $10/month) and monitor your usage on the Frappe Cloud Dashboard.
How do I make payments?

You can choose from 2 payment modes: 

  1. Pay via card: The Invoice amount will be deducted directly from your card at the end of the month.

  2. Pay via prepaid credit: First, you add money to your prepaid credit wallet using your card, PayPal, or additional payment modes based on your region. The invoice will be deducted from your credit balance at the end of each month. While paying via prepaid credit you should ensure that the necessary credits are available in your wallet for uninterrupted services.

How do I set up my payments?
Go to your Account settings by clicking on your name on the bottom left corner, and go to the Billing tab. Click on the Set up Payment Method button and add your card details. After this is successful, a monthly subscription for you will be created.

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