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Frappe Builder is a low-code website builder designed for simplicity, speed, and flexibility. Craft beautiful websites effortlessly with intuitive visual builder and modern design principles. Whether you're a designer looking for ease or a developer seeking customization, Frappe Builder empowers you.

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Key Features

  • Intuitive Visual Builder: Simplify your workflow with a Figma-like editor.

  • Responsive Views: Ensure your sites look great on any device without the fuss.

  • Frappe CMS Integration: Easily fetch data from your database and create dynamic pages.

  • Scripting Capabilities: Customize with client scripts, global scripts, and styles.

  • Efficient Workflow: Use subtle shortcuts like image dropping and streamlined page copying and more to efficiently develop pages.

  • One-Click Publishing: Instantly share your creations with the world in a single click.

  • Performance Excellence: Frappe Builder does not bloat web pages with unnecessary scripts hence pages built with Frappe Builder are highly performant, consistently scoring high on Google Lighthouse tests.

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