GSTR 2B Reconciler

GSTR 2B Reconciler

Reconciliation tool for GSTR 2B and Purchase Register (PR) that includes Purchase Invoices, Credit and Debit Notes

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  • Initial implementation is done only for B2B Transactions using GSTR-2B data as recommended by the legal bodies.

JSON Upload Tool

  1. Select appropriate fields and upload GSTR-2B JSON file which is downloaded from GST portal.
  2. After creation, for individual transactions in json - 2B entries are automatically generated with the best match of PR.
  3. At the end, you will get overall uploaded and matching summary.
  4. if the matching is not satisfactory, change the threshold in CD GSTR 2B Settings. It is recommended to keep it as 12 and enable account freezing.

photo_2021-04-21_21-43-26 photo_2021-04-21_21-43-20

2B Entry

  1. This is auto-generated entry, where you can find transaction and linked PR matching informations.
  2. Here you have options like Rematch Results, Link Supplier, Create Invoice , Unlink PR
  3. Account freezing option also given in settings.


Matching Tool

  1. In this report, you can reconcile the 2B entries with the linked PR's by moving the status from pending to accepted state or viceversa based on match status (Both Bulk and individual update actions are applicable).
  2. Link/unlink PR with the corresponding 2B entry.
  3. Create new invoice if no PR matched with 2B Entry.
  4. Click on view option to see differentiate view of the linked entries.
  5. You can only filter entries based on document date range or by return period.
  6. View Type: Supplier view - Supplier wise (tax difference, total pending document, total 2B and PR entry) will be shown. Document view - (** By default it will show all supplier documents. You can also view documents by applying supplier or gstin filters, otherwise just click on supplier or gstin in supplier view rows to auto apply filters)
  7. Rows with Match status Exact Match will be highlighted with blue, Accepted state in green.

report_filters photo_2021-04-21_21-40-39 document_view

Summary Report

Here you can find tax account head wise summary photo_2021-04-21_21-43-49


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The reconcillation screen is broken on version 13.

The screen modal is too small for the content on version 13. Please fix.

Basant Choudhary • 6 months ago • Reply