Easy Letterhead

Easy Letterhead

A non-technical way to create standard letterheads for ERPNext

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ERPNext Easy Letterhead

Making ERPNext Letter Heads great again!


Quality letterheads are a problem for non-technical users. So we've built (really hacked together) a slightly easier solution over the last 3 days.

You'll see that it's not so perfect and could use some improvement. So your contributions are welcome.

Please raise your issues outside the known issues below.


Install to your site and use.

Known Issues

  1. Clearing the Image does not get rid of the image url. Workaround: reload the browserimage


  1. Correct Image refresh issue
  2. Add settings to enable / disable
  3. V2 - WYSIWYG Editor: Drag and drop image + image positioning + styling (I doubt we'll work on this soon)



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