Dairy Management

Dairy Management

Manage all dairy operations in ERPNext

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Manage entrire operations for your dairy in erpnext starting from Milk Collection, Van Routes, Fat Adjustment, even Milk Marketing and last Mile deliveries.


"Dairy Management System" is an ERPNext app which deal with the whole lifecycle of dairy business, provides different reports, maintains every small details of the business in erpnext.

  • Minimal configuration
  • 100% open-source within ERPNext
  • ✨Quick and Easy Setup ✨


  • Milk Procurement cycle.
  • Integration with Milk Analyzer and weight scale.
  • RMRD cycle.
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Live tracking of vehicle
  • Formula based calculation of different components like CLR%, SNF%, FAT%.

> Dairy Management System is the app which we developed for the smooth running of the dairy business. It gives you different features and reports to keep a track on day-to-day transaction. As the business is 365 days 24*7 running so our application provides a trouble free path to keep a note and enables easy decision - making. Different dashboard with live tracking of vehicle are the bonus advantages of the application.


Using bench, install ERPNext as mentioned on the official frappe documentation.Once ERPNext is installed, add dsc app to your bench by runningsh$ bench get-app https://github.com/asoral/dairy --branch master$ bench setup requirements$ bench --site <site-name> install-app dairy>Note: use the correct branch as your ERPNext installed version asks for.


  • Milk Entry


  • Milk Rate


  • Van Collection (Dairy collection centre to Plant)


  • Live track your collection vehicles, send alerts when they reach a DCS and alerts when they are running late. Use Geofencing to identify when they leave after a collection and track their advanced telematics using devices connected to your vehicles or use mobile app for seamless continuous tracking.

Bastar Vehicle

  • Vehicle Graph

Bastar Vehicle Graph

  • Vehicle Log

Bastar Vehicle Log


  • Milk Collection Trends
  • Milk Collection vs Van Collection
  • Van Collection vs RMRD
  • Crate Reconciliation
  • Gate Pass
  • Crate Register

ERPNext and our dairy management system goes hand in hand to complete and cover whole cycle of Dairy business with integration of devices used for testing the raw milk, by keeping the track of no. of crates which goes to customer at the time of sales, by maintaining the vehicle maintainance and log and with the help of different comparison reports.


GNU/General Public License (see license.txt as being followed by ERPNext repository)The dsc App code is licensed as GNU General Public License (v3) and the Documentation is licensed as Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA-3.0) and the copyright is owned by Dexciss Technology Pvt Ltd and Dexciss Technology LLC (Dexciss) and Contributors.

By contributing to dsc, you agree that your contributions will be licensed under its GNU General Public License (v3).

ERPNext App, Hell Yeah!

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