Site Management

Site Management

The app is designed to facilitate the needs of an organisation like managing and maintaining records of the Assets, issues or complaints and on-site visitors.

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Site Management app is designed to facilitate Asset Management, Helpdesk Management and Visitor Management in an organisation.

Asset Management

Asset Management helps maintain Assets and its details like Location, AMC, PPM, Breakdown etc. with email notifications.

Helpdesk Management

Helpdesk Management deals with managing all kinds of complaints and its status updates with email notifications to respective users.

Visitor Management

Visitor management is designed for use at the receiption where visitor registration and verification is done along with the issuing Visitor pass to the visitor.

The app includes three module namely Asset Management, Helpdesk Management and Visitor Management.

Major features

  • Asset Management module deals with Asset Registration, recording breakdowns for the assets along with the AMCs and PPMs.

  • Helpdesk Management module deals with issue/complaint registration, its resolution details along with required evidences and costs incurred. Workflow is applied to this process for timely and proper closure of issue/complaints.

  • Visitor Management module deals with maintaining records of the visitor,real-time photo capture for pass generation at the time of check-in and verification with the help of OTP sent via email.

  • Dashboards for Analysis.

  • Reports for Analysis.

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