Nepali Calendar

Nepali Calendar

A simple app for adding Nepali Datepicker to Frappe Framework

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Nepali Calendar app for ERPNext offers a range of features to enhance the user experience and helps to make working with Nepali dates more convenient and helps to easily switch between the two calendars for any date field in ERPNext.

This app also provides us the option to switch easily between Gregorian and Nepali Calendar in all the forms where Date field is present.

Key Features

1. Nepali Date Selection: The app provides a datepicker widget that allows users to select dates in the Nepali calendar format, enabling them to easily input dates in their preferred calendar system.

2. Conversion to Gregorian Calendar: Users can convert Nepali dates to the Gregorian calendar and vice versa directly within the ERPNext interface, ensuring consistency across different date systems.

3. Localization: The app supports the Nepali Datepicker in Date field all over the system, making it accessible to users who prefer to work in Nepali, thus enhancing the overall user experience.

4 .Integration with ERPNext Modules: The datepicker seamlessly integrates with various ERPNext modules, such as Sales, Purchase, HR, and Accounting, allowing users to work with Nepali dates across different functions.



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