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How to Setup

Open Price Lookup Settings > You can add number limit For Quotation And Sales Order Historical Data Fetching, By default it is 3.

You are good to go :

1) Get detailed historical pricing information for each item added to the quotation and sales order.

2) Choose your pricing history preference by selecting either all parties or specific parties.

Key Features :

1) Smart Quotation History: When creating a quotation for a lead or customer, our app allows you to instantly access the last 3 quoted prices. This historical data empowers your sales team to make informed decisions on pricing.

2) Competitive Sales Orders: With our app, you can incorporate historical pricing insights into your sales orders, ensuring that you offer competitive prices to your customers.

3) Transparency and Accuracy: Say goodbye to guesswork when quoting prices. Historical Pricing Insights provides a clear view of past quotations, making it easy to ensure accuracy and consistency in your pricing.

4) Empower Your Sales Team: Give your sales team the tools they need to succeed. Our app equips them with valuable insights that help them understand customer preferences and make data-driven pricing decisions.

5) Customised Solutions: Tailor your app settings to meet your unique business requirements, giving you a personalised experience that aligns with your sales goals.

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