Car Reservation

Car Reservation

This application helps to manage the car trip information for required time duration, Car working conditions are updated, Car owner manage the vehicle services record, Total kilometers of the trip are recorded in the car history.

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📢   For Version 14,

First needs to install ERPNext app. After then install the Car Reservation app.

Features of Car Reservation

  • Car can be booked in advance for the trip
  • Trip start location and end location distance recorder with kilometer
  • Car new trip start with odometer kilometer noted
  • Car registrations details are tracked
  • Car services record are maintained
  • Car driver details records with name and license number.
  • Availability of the car can be Tracked
  • Registration Process of cars tracked with different stages.
  • Vehicle specification details like, company make, model, License plate, chassis number, Seats Number, Doors number, Color, Model year Fuel type, Horsepower, records are maintained
  • Car Contract details are recorded with the history
  • Car removed from the operations automatically as the contract of the car expired.
  • Odometer details are updated automatically based on ride done by driver or update odometers record
  • Customers can not book the car trip while the car is in the reserved stage.
  • Once the Car trip is done, the car is automatically available for the new trip.
  • Approver can only approve the reservation of the car.

➤ Key Reports of the car reservation:

  • Car Reservation Details

  • Contract Details

  • Vehicle Information
  • Driver Details
  • Car Service Details

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