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Well-designed, open-source ticketing system.

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Frappe Helpdesk offers an easy setup, clean user interface, and automation tools to resolve customer issues efficiently. It is based on Frappe Framework. It lets you streamline your company's support and helps you to efficiently manage your customer queries. It can help you to,

  • Create tickets from email or help center
  • Empower customers with a comprehensive knowledge base and self-service portal
  • Automate redundant tasks like agent assignment and set up triggers to notify agents and customers based on certain events

Local setup

  1. Install and setup bench by following this guide
  2. In the bench directory, run bench start and keep it running
  3. Open another terminal in bench directory, and run these commands

    bench get-app helpdeskbench new-site helpdesk.testbench --site helpdesk.test install-app helpdeskbench --site helpdesk.test add-to-hosts

    You can now access Helpdesk at http://helpdesk.test5. You can also run a development server by following theses steps, in Helpdesk directory (apps/helpdesk)

yarn yarn dev

Development server will be now available at http://localhost:8080

Contributions and Community

There are many ways you can contribute even if you don't code:

  1. You can start by giving a star to our repository!
  2. If you find any issues, even if it is a typo, you can raise an issue to inform us.
  3. Join our Telegram group and share your thoughts.


GNU Affero General Public License v3.0

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