Tours And Travels

Tours And Travels

The Tours And Travels module allows for managing Tour Package and Registration Management, Contract Management, and Travels Services. Also will manage a Hotel Management System, Restaurant Management System, and Transportation Management System. Tours And Travels module-wise manage reports and workspace.

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The Tours And Travels module allows for managing Tour Package, Tour Registration, Contract Management, and Travels Services. The Tours And Travels Hotel Management module allows for managing the Hotel, Hotel Room, Hotel Facility, and Hotel Folio. The Tours And Travels Restaurant Management module allows for managing the Restaurant, Meal Type, and Restaurant Facility. The Tours And Travels Transportation Management module allows for managing the Transportation and Vehicle. Tours And Travels also module-wise manage reports and workspace.

Features of Tours And Travels


➤ Region

  • Manage according to city, state, and country.

➤ Package Category & Travelling Seasons

  • Manage package category in the tour package and tour registration, and traveling seasons in contract management.

Tours And Travels Setup:

➤ Contract

  • Manage the hotel-wise, restaurant-wise, and transportation-wise contracts.
  • Region-wise manage package contract type.

➤ Tour Package

  • Manage the region-wise package type and package category, hotel package, restaurant package, and transportation package.
  • Also manage the travel services like guide packages and attraction packages.
  • Generate Itinerary plan according to arrival date to the departure date.
  • Update/reset the price of the hotel, restaurant, transportation, guide, and attraction.

➤ Tour Registration

  • Automatically get all package detail of the tour package for tour registration.
  • Add some functionality for tour registration and also to redirect/create to the CRM module.

Key Reports of Tours And Travels:

➤ Contract Reports

  • Hotel-wise Contract
  • Restaurant-wise Contract
  • Transportation-wise Contract

➤ Tour Package Reports

  • Hotel-wise Tour Package Analytics
  • Restaurant-wise Tour Package Analytics
  • Transportation-wise Tour Package Analytics
  • Attraction-wise Tour Package Analytics
  • Guide-wise Tour Package Analytics

➤ Tour Registration Reports

Tour Registration reports manage package-wise and without package-wise.

  • Tour Registration Analytics
  • Hotel-wise Tour Registration Analytics
  • Restaurant-wise Tour Registration Analytics
  • Transportation-wise Tour Registration Analytics
  • Attraction-wise Tour Registration Analytics
  • Guide-wise Tour Registration Analytics

Features of Hotel Management - Tours And Travels


➤ Hotel Room & Room Type

  • Manage hotel room with room type in the hotel.

Hotel Setup:

➤ Hotel

  • Manage hotel facility, hotel room with features, hotel image, etc.

➤ Hotel Folio

  • Manage without tour package or tour registration.
  • Quick entry of hotel folio for customers with hotel and hotel service, and also generate a quick invoice.

Key Reports of Hotel Management:

➤ Hotel Report

  • Hotel Details

➤ Hotel Folio Report

  • Hotel Folio Details

Features of Restaurant Management - Tours And Travels


➤ Meal Type

  • Manage meal type in the restaurant.

Restaurant Setup:

➤ Restaurant

  • Manage restaurant facility, meal type with features, restaurant image, etc.

Key Reports of Restaurant Management:

➤ Restaurant Report

  • Restaurant Details

Features of Transportation Management - Tours And Travels


➤ Vehicle

  • Manage transporter, capacity, and other feature.

Transportation Setup:

➤ Transportation

  • Manage vehicles with a feature list and vehicle status.

Key Reports of Transportation Management:

➤ Transportation Report

  • Transportation Details

Features of Travel Services - Tours And Travels


➤ Attraction Service

  • Manage attraction service in attraction.

➤ Guide Service

  • Manage guide service in the guide.

Travel Services Setup:

➤ Attraction

  • Manage attraction service with a feature.

➤ Guide

  • Manage guide service with a feature.

Key Reports of Travel Services:

➤ Attraction Report

  • Attraction Details

➤ Guide Report

  • Guide Details

❌   If you installed hotel management, hospitality, or other tour and travel-related apps then don't install it. If you want to install the app, first remove all this type of app and migrate it.



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failing to install

am trying to install this app but when l do bench get-app Tours And Travels its telling that this app is not found there can you provide the details on how to install it

francis hwenha • 1 year ago • Reply

App repo is not open to all

this app repo is not open source

Muhammad MP • 9 months ago • Reply