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HR Forms

HR Forms

Empower HR departments to efficiently create, customize, submit, and generate print-ready HR forms, simplifying administrative tasks and enhancing productivity in managing HR processes.

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Main Features

  1. Form Template: The Form Template functionality allows you to design HR forms with a title and description section. These templates serve as the foundation for creating customized forms for specific customers. You can define the structure and layout of the forms, including fields, sections, and any additional relevant information.

  2. Form Submission and Print Format: The Form Submission functionality serves as a submission and print format for the HR forms created using the Form Template. It allows you to set the dynamic values in the form and generate a print-ready version of the completed form.

How To Use:

  1. Login with the System Manager or HR User or HR Manager
  2. Navigate to Form Templete and fill this information:
  • Form Name
  • Form


  1. Navigate to Form Submission and fill this information:
  • Form Templete
  • Employee
  • Content


Self Hosting:

If you need premium support please email me here


Supported Versions:

  • Version 14
  • Version 13
  • Version 12

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