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Tata Smartflo Call Integration

Tata Smartflo Call Integration

Enhance CRM with Tata Smartflo integration.

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  • Direct Call Management
  • Call details fetching
  • One-Click Calling
  • Comprehensive Dashboard

Tata Smartflo Integration with ERPNext

Enhance CRM with Tata Smartflo integration.

General Overview

Sanskar Technolabs has successfully integrated ERPNext with the advanced calling system of Tata Smart Flo, providing a seamless communication solution for businesses.

This integration empowers users to initiate and manage calls directly from the ERPNext system, streamlining communication processes and enhancing collaboration. It helps companies improve their communication capabilities, improve customer relationships, and streamline overall workflow efficiency.

Features of our calling integration product:

1. Direct Call Management: Users can make calls directly from the ERPNext system, eliminating the need to switch between applications.

2. Call details fetching: All call log details and recordings are automatically fetched and stored within ERPNext for easy access and reference.

3. Comprehensive Dashboard: A user-friendly dashboard offers a comprehensive view of daily, weekly, and monthly call statistics. You will also be getting Insights about total answered calls, missed calls, incoming calls, and outgoing calls.

4. Trend Analysis and Graphical Representations: Visualize call trends through graphical representations for better understanding and decision-making.

5. One-Click Calling: You will be getting one-click calling, facilitating quick and efficient communication for improved customer interactions.

7. Seamless calling by agents: Agents can easily initiate calls to potential customers, enhancing outreach efforts.

8. Detailed Call Reports: Generate detailed call reports with information such as personal details. reason for call, date and time, duration, call status, agent name, recording URL, doctype linking, and more.

9. End-to-end reports: You will be getting comprehensive reports that can be filtered based on various criteria, including date, status, and call type, providing customized insights.


  1. Two APIs for calling & call logs

  2. Authorization Key

  3. Limit to fetch the data & call logs

Features of our calling integration product:

Step 1. Installing the App: You need to install our calling integration on your Bench or Site.

Step 2. Copy Two APIs from Tata Smart Flo: Log in to the Tata Smart Flo system and locate the API section. Copy the API designated for making calls and another for managing calls.

Step 3. Paste APIs in our App’s call settings: Go to the app's call settings section and paste the previously copied APIs for making and managing calls.

Step 4. Configure User Numbers for Calling: To make phone calls, make sure every user has added a valid phone number in their doctype.

Congratulations! You are done and are ready to use the Sanskar Technolabs Integration with Tata Smart Flo Calling System in your ERPNext environment. Users can seamlessly make calls, manage call logs, and utilize the comprehensive features provided by the integration.

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