Pakistan Workspace

Pakistan Workspace

ERPNext Regional App for Pakistan with NIC, NTN, and STRN numbers, and reports for FBR tax compliance.

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ERPNext Workspace for Pakistan ☪️

The Pakistan Workspace is a localization app for ERPNext that adds regional custom fields for NIC, NTN, and STRN numbers, and reports for FBR tax compliance.

Features 🎁

1. NIC, NTN, and STRN numbers

Custom fields are added to the Customer, Supplier and Employee DocTypes with a format input mask and length validation.

  • 🪪 NIC National Identity Card number (taxnic)
  • 🧾 NTN National Tax Number (taxntn)
  • 🧾 STRN Sales Tax Registration Number (tax_strn)

2. Tax accounting and reporting 🏦

Tax accounts are added to the Company Master for tax accounting and reporting.

  • Sales tax on goods
  • Sales tax on services
  • Further tax
  • Extra tax
  • Sindh Sales tax on services

Reports are automatically created for tax compliant sales invoices. Reports can be exported file for validation and upload to the eFBR IRIS platform.- DSI Domestic Sales Invoices (Annexure C)- SRB Sales Tax on Services

3. Other Features

  • HR Module: Employee NIC numnber, date of issue and date of expiry.

Roadmap & Wishlist ✨

  • Print formats to include NIC, NTN and/or STRN numbers
  • Sales tax on services for other provinces
  • Witholding tax fields and reporting
  • Automatically add PCT/HS codes and description
  • Reports and compliance for
    • DPI Domestic Purchase Invoices (Annexure A)
    • GDI Goods Declaration - Imports (Annexure B)
    • GDE Goods Declaration - Exports (Annexure D)
    • Federal Excises (Annexure E)
    • DCN Debit and Credit Notes (Annexure I)

Support 🤗

Please contact us for any support or other inquiries via our website

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Great starting point for tax compliance in Pakistan

This app was launched after the first Community Meetup in Pakistan as a starting point for users and developers in Pakistan to get a head start in their deployments in terms of localization requirements. Unfortunately, this app has not been updated to support v.14 and onwards, and requires a volunteer or community participation to update.

Abid Omar • 7 months ago • Reply