Law Management

Law Management

Manage lawyers, clients, matters(cases), trials and its invoicing

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Law Management

Key Features:

  1. Client Request Process
  2. Matter Process
  3. Lawyer create Process
  4. Client Create Process
  5. Invoice Management

Using this module you can handle every type of law matters. "Law ERP" includes: * Client Requests, * Manage Matters, * Manage Customers, * Law Practice Area, * Document management, * Trial Management, * Lawyer Information, * Opposition Lawyers and Parties Details, * Judge Information, * Act/Article Management, * Victim Information, * Results, * Courts, * Invoice Management, * Case/Matter PDF Report.

Law Management app


Feature 1: Client Request Process


  • A lawyer,Help desk officer and Law admin users can be create all configuration

  • A lawyer,Help desk officer can add the client request.

  • Law admin can request, approve and reject client requests.

  • Only law admin user can approve and reject client requests also create matter,lawyer,client

  • Client is created automatically in client menu after approved the client request


  • The Client can request from the listed legal services.

Flow Chart




Feature 2: Matter Process


  • Law admin user can create,approve,reject and reopen the client matter details
  • Invoice is created from view option from InProgress, Approved and Closed stage


  • The matter is used to manage the acts,articles,opposition lawyer and documents details

Flow Chart




Feature 3: Lawyer create Process


  • Law admin can create Lawyer.
  • Lawyers can specify the practice area and fees based on an hour,trial or fixed.
  • The lawyer will have many other details such as their Experience, Qualification and Personal Information.



Feature 4: Client create Process


  • Client is created automatically in client menu after approved the client request. Also manual created from client menu using Is Client checkbox



Feature 5: Invoice Management


  • Invoice created from view option under the matter.
  • Invoice form view is open up while click on "Create Sales invoice" button
  • Customer and Payment type auto appear with sale invoice form view.
  • Just add matter,qty and price details of the matter and confirm the sale invoice.
  • Make payment once confirm the invoice





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