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ERPNext IndiaMART Integration

ERPNext IndiaMART Integration

Enhance CRM with IndiaMART Integration

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  • Automated Inquiry Updates
  • Comprehensive Dashboard Insights
  • Past history fetching

IndiaMART Integration with ERPNext

Enhance CRM with IndiaMART integration.


Leads tracking and managing via Indiamart are made easier with our one-of-a-kind ERPNext Indiamart Integration Product. With this feature-rich system, as soon as you receive inquiries in IndiaMart, it gets updated in the ERPNext system within every 5 minutes. The system is designed in such a way, that it manages the data retrieval process from IndiaMart in ERPNext while helping you simplify lead management & conversions.


1. Comprehensive Dashboard Insights: Facilities end-to-end tracking and data-driven decisions.

2. Time-wise tracking: Monitor daily, weekly, monthly, last month’s and total inquiries count.

3. Status-wise tracking: Manage the inquiries by status such as open, converted, repeat, do not contact, and not interested.

4. Effortless Indiamart Settings: Easily access account details including URL, Indiamart key, and past inquiry history.

5. Trends, and Analysis: Dynamic graphical representation of inquiry trends and types.

6. Past history fetching: You can fetch all the past leads from Indiamart to ERPNext.

7. Fetch inquiries with customizable filters: Access key details like name, status, contact info, product details, and more easily with customized filters.

8. Automated Inquiry Type Updates: Automated changes to the inquiry type based on customer behavior.

9. Generate Comprehensive Lead Forms: Instantly create lead forms with all necessary details post-lead conversion.

10. Easy viewing access: In Indiamart inquiry details, you can view and manage all the inquiries with managing based on query type and inquiry status.


  1. IndiaMart ID
  2. IndiaMart Account Registered Mobile Number
  3. IndiaMart API URL

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