snapADDY Integration

snapADDY Integration

Sync leads from snapADDY to ERPNext

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snapADDY Integration

This app provides an endpoint for the snapADDY Data Quality webhook. It enables your ERPNext instance to receive data from snapADDY and create new leads in ERPNext based on the received data.


Please create a User in ERPNext that will be used for the snapADDY integration. The user's roles should be configured in a way that it can only create Leads and Addresses. Create an API Key and API Secret for this user.

Please configure snapADDY as follows:

  • Endpoint-URL: https://MY-ERP.COM/api/method/erpnextsnapaddy.api.dataquality

    Replace MY-ERP.COM with your ERPNext domain.

  • HTTP method: POST

  • Authorization Header: Token APIKEY:APISECRET

    Replace APIKEY and APISECRET with the API Key and API Secret of the user you created in ERPNext.


This app is not affiliated with snapADDY. It is a community contribution and is not officially supported by snapADDY.



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