Indiamart ERPNext Integration

Indiamart ERPNext Integration

Automatically pull purchase inquires from indiamart and create leads in ERPNext

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Indiamart CRM API(Lead), integration with ERPNext by 🚀️

What does the app do?

  • : It is a market place where buyers come to fulfil their purchase requirements. i.e. they generate Leads
  • ERPNext: It is open source ERP
  • Indiamart ERPNext Integration (App): It automatically pulls purchase inquires from indiamart and creates lead in ERPNext. App is developed by (First Official Certified ERPNext Partner & Service Provider)


  • No Manual Entry/intervention required
  • No Human Errorr
  • Pulls all leads based on the time
  • Don't miss out any potential leads
  • Focus on lead conversion and not on lead data entry/handling
  • Make full use of ERPNext CRM module
  • As the lead gets generated automatically in ERPNext, you can serve your customers with no delay and do more business than competitors


  • Pull Leads from IndiaMart via API every 5 mins. Overlap is such that no lead is lost.
  • Create Leads automatically in ERPNext
  • Maps respective fields of IndiaMart with ERPNext Lead.👀️ *
  • Auto creation of contacts/address in ERPNext
  • Handle Duplicate/ Repeat Leads based on mobile_no/ email
  • Automatically create Opportunity for repeat leads
  • IndiaMart Integration Log maintained
  • Facility to map indiamart provided Query Type in Inquiry to your Lead Source
  • Facility to manually pull leads for specific time frame
  • App workspace with all related links*
  • Connection dashboard at top of related doctypes in ERPNext
  • Receive Auto Notification incase of error during Lead Integration
  • All IndiaMart Integration Best Practices followed

How to setup?

  1. Get mobile no and API Key from indiamart

  2. Mobile: This is the primary mobile number of your account registered with IndiaMART

  3. API Key : Go to>Settings->Account Settings(tab)->Generate Key This is a unique API Key which is received on your primary email.*

  4. Enter all details in Indiamart Settings doctype. ex URL https://<>/app/indiamart-settings *


  • The steps are well documented above and app is tested with large amount of real indiamart data. So as such no help will be required.

  • Setup support : For one time paid setup support 1500 INR, Email after subscription, mention your subscription id in subject.

  • Prerequisite : IndiaMart Seller Login

  • All other support: Email with details to get quote

Contact us for customization

  • Automatic mapping of Territory based on IndiaMart Lead Origin
  • Automatic mapping of Leads based on Territory Manager
  • Automatic mapping of Leads based on Round Robin Algorithm for multiple Sales person in a specific Territory
  • Single dashboard view of lead response

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