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Whatsapp app notification using UltraMsg

Whatsapp app notification using UltraMsg

Open source app for integrating leading Whatspp messaging provider UltraMsg with ERPNext

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Ultramsg 4 Erpnext

ERPNext app for sending whatsapp messages through UltraMsg


MIT# ultramsg4ERPNext

This app integrates ERPNext with ultramsg4ERPNext , Global Whatsapp provider. The provider site can be accessed here (

You can follow standard ERPNext methods for installing apps. Please see it here below

bench get-app

bench --site install-app ultramsg4erpnext

bench --site migrate

Now you can see fourwhatsnet installed on your side. Goto Help->About and make sure you have fourwhatsnet as shown in the folowing screenshot.

On search box , type "whatsapp message"

Fill Mesage URL , Document URL and Token as you received from UltraMsg

Chat/Message field URL can be found here

Document sending URL can be found here

We have added following features in Version-2.0.

1- Added print PDF and document sending from notification to WhatsAPP.
2- Moved all time taking processes to background job, so users will not feels slowness or delay.
3- Added features for error and success logs. Errors are available now on error log and success messages are available on ultramsg4ERPNext log.
If you find any issue using this app, please raise it on Github issue page or send email to

Aysha Sithara.

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