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Signage Display

Create and customize digital signage display boards with minimal set-up.

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Signage Display

Signage Display is a customizable Frappe app for creating digital signage display boards. It allows you to design and display signages with the help of a Rich Text Editor and custom images with minimal set-up time.

signage display app example

It also comes with customization options for adjusting the layout and speed of the presented slideshow according to individual requirements.

signage display board with 2 columns and 1 rowsignage display board with 2 columns and 2 rows


Install on Frappe Cloud
  1. Go to Frappe Cloud Dashboard- Sites and create a new site.
  2. Select "Select apps to install" and choose "Signage Display"
  3. Complete the site setup with the help of the new site wizard.
Install Locally
  1. Set up Frappe Bench
  2. Go to the created 'frappe-bench' directory.
  3. Run these commands to set up a new site and install Signage Display

bench new-site signage.localhostbench get-app signagedisplaybench --site signage.localhost install-app signagedisplaybench start

  1. Complete the site initialization by visiting the site URL.


Creating and viewing signages
  1. Search for 'Signage List' of corresponding to the 'Signage' doctype on your site
  2. Choose 'Add Signage' option.
  3. Design the new signage by providing an appropriate title (mandatory), description, and display image.

New Signage page

  1. Check the 'published' box to signal if the new signage should be displayed on the signage display board.
  2. Save the signage.
  3. Go to <site-url>/display to view the signage slideshow shown on the display board.
Customizing the display board

Signage Display provides several customization options to help you determine the final look of the display board. This includes:* Display Name * Individual Signage Display Duration (default - 20000 ms)* Display Row Count: How many signages should the display board show in a column at a given time (default - 1)* Display Column Count: How many signages should the display board show in a row at a given time (default - 1)

Signage Settings page

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