Appointedd Integration

Appointedd Integration

Streamlined Appointment Management With Appointedd Integration With ERPNext

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Appointedd Integration with ERPNext

In the ever-evolving landscape of appointment scheduling and resource management, the integration of the Appointedd API with ERPNext marks a significant leap in efficiency and productivity. This seamless connection between two powerful platforms transforms the way businesses handle appointments, resources, services, customers, and cancellations.

How to Setup

1) Generate API Key from Appointedd Portal and Paste it in Appointedd Settings

2) You can Sync Resource & Service From Appointedd Using Given Buttons

Key Features

1) Resource Sync: The integration enables real-time synchronisation of resources between Appointedd and ERPNext. This means that you can keep your resource data up to date across both systems without manual intervention. Whether it's personnel, meeting rooms, equipment, or any other resource, changes made in one system are reflected in the other, ensuring resource availability is always accurate.

2) Service Integration: Your services catalog is the backbone of your appointment-based business. With this integration, you can easily manage and sync your service offerings between Appointedd and ERPNext. Whether it's adding new services, changing service descriptions, or updating pricing, your service catalog remains consistent across both platforms.

3) Customer Management: Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. With this integration, customer information is seamlessly shared between Appointedd and ERPNext. New customer records, updates, and customer interactions are instantly accessible to both systems, enhancing the customer experience and simplifying administrative tasks.

4) Booking Synchronisation: Appointments are at the core of your operations. With this integration, bookings made in Appointedd are automatically reflected in ERPNext. This means that your team in ERPNext is always aware of the latest appointments, reducing scheduling conflicts and ensuring a smooth customer experience.

5) Cancellation Capability: In the fast-paced world of appointments, cancellations are inevitable. The integration allows for easy cancellation of appointments from ERPNext, which is then communicated to Appointedd. This ensures that the appointment slots are efficiently managed, and customers are promptly notified of any changes.


Efficiency: Reduce manual data entry and minimize the risk of errors. Your staff can focus on more strategic tasks rather than repetitive data updates.

Accuracy: Real-time synchronisation guarantees that data is always consistent, reducing the risk of double-bookings, outdated information, or customer confusion.

Customer Satisfaction: With accurate and up-to-date information, your customers will enjoy a more reliable and seamless booking experience.

Cost Savings: Streamline your operations, reduce administrative overhead, and optimise resource utilisation

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