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Get POS: an ultimate Point of Sale App developed by NestorBird. Discover the power of cloud-based Get POS solutions for streamlined retail, restaurant, and supermarket operations. Manage your business by handling real-time transactions, inventory, and multi-location tasks. Experience optimized inventory, swift order management, effective employee control, and insightful reports to increase business revenue today!

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A cloud-based Get POS solution is a computerized system designed for your retail store, restaurant, multi-store, and supermarket to manage transactions, orders, inventory, and in-store product sales in one go.

This custom POS system is built to increase revenue and save time for every retail and hospitality business chain that offers multi-location features such as inventory transfers, network pricing, and advanced reports.

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Get POS Features

Offline Syncing

Retail businesses opting for offline Get POS (Point of Sale) applications can easily synchronize data on the significant terminal and server. This software can also help to monitor the connection between retail POS offline Sync Service & channel database.

Inventory Management

With Get POS, you can manage your sales, orders, and deliveries in real time. Track your stock with the easy maintenance of optimal inventory levels, warehouse & ordering processes, location transits, and management of workflow activities.

Order Management

Custom POS System Development allows you to take orders online and quickly manage pickup and delivery. Now, you can associate the orders with the customer's file, containing their details, like Name and Contact No. & Description they would like to purchase.

Employee Management

With the POS custom app, you can use your team's full potential by managing them effectively. The employee module helps you streamline critical processes like recruitment and training to payroll & leave management on one platform.

Accounts and Payroll

Built with the feature of recording all invoices, transaction values, no. of sold goods, and product descriptions, Get POS (Point-of-sale) mobile apps and web software help businesses manage sales, purchases, rentals, consignments, repairs, & accounting work efficiently.


Say goodbye to manually crunching numbers by automating reports on the dashboard of Get POS software. You can quickly generate billing and stock reports every day. It will also help calculate profit and loss on a quarterly, half-yearly, & yearly basis.

Supplier Management

Managing vendors with POS Application Development Solutions is suitable for retail businesses as the onboarding process helps train them to use the platform for maximum engagement with controlled costs, risks, & performance measures.

Workflow Automation

With the Best Mobile POS system and its custom development, business chains can easily automate their workflows, like creating invoices, loyalty plans, multiple promotions, discount schemes, fixing offer duration, and controlling active & inactive coupons.

Multi-location Management

Get POS for business helps manage multiple chains of your brand easily. Built with the feature to utilize cash flow across all store locations, it allows retrieval of ending tills and easily utilizes gift cards for customers.

Top Benefits of Get POS System for Your Business

For Retail Businesses

Get POS system is designed to streamline and simplify the checkout process for your retail store. With its intuitive interface & powerful features, you can quickly & easily process transactions, manage inventory, track sales & customer behaviour, & gain valuable insights into your business.

For Hospitality Businesses and Multi-Stores

NestorBird’s Get POS system is the perfect solution for your hospitality business. Whether you run a restaurant, bar, or hotel, our system can handle your needs, including table management, menu management, & payment processing; you can stay on top of your business & make informed decisions.

For Supermarkets

The custom Get POS software is specifically developed to meet the needs of supermarkets & grocery stores. With its advanced inventory management features and fast, accurate scanning capabilities, you can ensure your shelves are always stocked with the products your customers want.

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