A small frappe module that displays custom alerts to specific recipients after login.

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A small Frappe module that displays custom alerts to specific recipients after login.


🔴 Apologies in advance for any problem or bug you face with this module and please report any problem or bug you face so it can be fixed.


Alert Type

  • Go to Alert Type then create a new type
  • Enter the title for the type
  • Set the Display Priority if needed
  • To make alerts of this type close automatically:
    • Set the Display Timeout (Seconds) or keep as 0 to disable the automatic close
    • Fraction numbers can also be used, like 1.5, to set a more specific timeout
  • To customize the alert sound:
    • Select the Display Sound that you prefer
    • Select Custom option to be able to upload a Custom Display Sound
    • Select None to disable the Display Sound
  • To customize the look of the alert:
    • Change the Background Color, Border Color, Title Color and Content Color for both, Light and Dark themes
    • Click on Preview to see how the custom style will look


  • Go to Alert and create new entry
  • Select an Alert Type and change the alert Title, if needed
  • Set the From Date and Until Date to specify the alert duration
  • Enter and format the Message of alert
  • Set the For Roles and/or the For Users to specify the alert recipients
  • Check Is Repeatable to display the alert more than once, and set the Number of Repeats
  • After submitting the alert:
    • The Seen By table will be visible and will include all the reached users and also the date & time of reach
  • In List View, check the total number of unique users the alert has Reached

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