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Design Print Formats using Interactive UI.

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Print Designer

Free and Open Source App to Design Print Formats using Interactive UI for your Frappe Apps

🎨 Intuitive User Interface


GNU Affero General Public License v3.0

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Installation problem

unable to install this app on my erpnext site

Melissa Nkhwazi • 1 year ago • Reply
Hello Melissa Nkhwazi, you need to have site on version 15 or develop branch to install print designer.

Thank you!

Hope to be using it soon.

Harry Leihkauf • 9 months ago • Reply

Unable to create design for DocType: Payment Entry

DocType {"message":{"doc_type":"Payment Entry"}} not found

Tofunmi Tems • 8 months ago • Reply
Hello, The issue is fixed in the latest version. It will disappear upon deployment. In the meantime, follow this approach to create or edit new formats. Thank you.

Installed But Can't Used

Hellow I've been installing this apps and successfully installed on my erp, my erpnext version ERPNext: v15.4.0 (version-15) Frappe Framework: v15.3.0 (version-15) Frappe HR: v15.4.1 (version-15) Payments: v0.0.1 (develop) Print Designer: v1.0.0 (main) But when i try to find print designer app theres no app like that on teh navbar, can you help me with this

Han Vardha • 7 months ago • Reply
Please Check and , If you are on Frappe Cloud please raise a ticket. If you are self-hosting create an issue on Github and share more information.

Unable to install the app

When is click on install, it goes to the site selection page. but my site is not listed on that page. I tried to install from the "Add App" section from the "sites" page in frappe cloud. but the print designer is not available on the list of apps.

Santhoshs R • 6 months ago • Reply
Hello Santhoshs R, you need to have site on version 15 or develop branch to install print designer. If your site is on version 15 please check if it is available now. Thank you

Support for V14

Will this be supported on V14 ?

Abdulqadir Doctor • 6 months ago • Reply