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Hybrid Hosting

The promise of free and open source software is the ability of customers to host their data on their hardware. Customers still optionally need management and expertise from OEM to ensure uptime and smooth operation. This is where Hybrid hosting gives them the best of both worlds. Frappe Cloud Hybrid helps customers add their servers to be managed with Frappe Cloud. Frappe Cloud offers a server management console that automates many tasks related to hosting and maintenance of Frappe / ERPNext-based deployments.

Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Frappe Cloud has two components that enable the management of a large number of servers and sites - Press and Agent. Press is a central control panel from where the user executes actions like the creation of a site, migration, etc, and monitors logs and errors. An Agent is software that is installed on all servers managed by Press that executes the actions. If you can imagine an orchestra, Press is the conductor and Agent is the musician that plays the music. We currently offer 3 plans under Hybrid Hosting

Hybrid Server

In the server plan, you get to configure one pair of servers (one application server and one database server). The servers can be of any configuration and you can host as many applications and sites as you want. The server will be monitored by standard Frappe Cloud logging and monitoring servers and will be behind the Frappe Cloud proxy firewall.

Server plan is ideal for customers who want to run Frappe / ERPNext on their own environment and let the peripheral servers such as log and monitor servers be managed by Frappe Cloud.

Hybrid Cluster

In the cluster plan, you get to configure your own cluster which includes a proxy server, log server, and monitoring server along with several pairs of application and database servers. Cluster provides an isolated environment for your data and your data will be fully contained in your own private network.

Cluster plans are ideal for enterprises that want full control of their servers and the networking and monitoring components.

Managed Press

Press hosting gives you the full power of Frappe Cloud in your own environment and you can spawn any number of clusters and servers. You can spawn multiple clusters each on a separate cloud or region. Your own instance of the press is managed by Frappe Cloud, and Frappe Cloud has no context or metadata of your servers or clusters.

Press hosting is ideal for larger enterprises who have operations in several regions or software vendors and product companies running their own Frappe-based products.

Hybrid Cloud benefits

  • Control and Security: Hybrid Hosting allows customers to maintain complete control over their infrastructure and data, which is especially important for customers who have strict security requirements or are subject to regulatory compliance.

  • Flexibility: Hybrid Cloud allows customers to scale their infrastructure up or down as needed, without having to worry about capacity constraints or other limitations.

  • Developer Productivity: Frappe Cloud Hybrid will save at least one full-time DevOps engineer. Developers can easily deploy multiple apps and sites on their servers.

  • Uptime management: With in-depth analytics, proactive triggers, scalability benefits, etc, your team can monitor and improve uptime on your own servers.

  • OEM Support and Warranty: Frappe Cloud Hybrid allows our team and engineers to offer high-quality support and product warranty even when the application is hosted on your own servers. Frappe engineers can get selective access to support you.

Hybrid Cloud Pricing

Hybrid Cloud pricing is dependent on the # of cores (vCPUs) connected to Frappe Cloud. To learn more, contact our sales agents. 

Frequently asked questions

What do I get as part of hybrid hosting?
You get all the major benefits of managed hosting such as managed upgrades, user-friendly backup and restore, offsite backups, traffic and log monitoring, triggers and notifications, and security features.
What are Frappe's responsibilities vs customer’s responsibilities?

Frappe Responsibilities

  • Managed hosting including managed upgrades, Offsite backups, health monitoring, and application security

  • Maintenance and support for Frappe apps

Customer Responsibilities

  • Uptime, maintenance, and scalability of your servers

  • Maintenance of non-Frappe Apps

Who will take offsite backup and how will they be taken?
Self-hosting managed by Frappe Cloud takes offsite backups on Amazon S3 and provides support with restore if needed.
How will Frappe provide technical support for set-up and maintenance?
Frappe engineers get access to your servers using SSH to set up the hosting requirements and can have on-demand or continuous remote access as a part of the hosting support service.
Is Hybrid hosting available for all cloud service providers?
No, currently Hybrid hosting is only available for AWS servers.

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