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Meeting Management

Meeting Management

The Meeting Notes feature in this app allows users to track meeting discussions, action items, and expenses in a uniform and organized manner. This information can be easily accessed from the scheduled meeting and is saved in the history of the Lead, Opportunity, or Customer document. A video is available to help understand the process of creating a meeting note.

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What does the App do

  • This App helps in scheduling the Meeting and Add meeting notes directly from the ERPNext in Lead, Opportunity and Customer Doc type.
  • This app integrates seamlessly without any hassle and error.
  • You can view the number of meetings done for the particular Leads, Opportunity or customer under the connection (Dashboard) section for the reference.

2  How to Use Meeting Management App in ERPNext

How to use Meeting Schedule

  • Before this Meeting App, I am sure you must be using your Email Calendar, Google Calendar to schedule the meeting with your Leads/Opportunity/Customers.
  • Also, you must have noticed it takes time to draft and email, also, we miss out on uniformity for every meeting invite we send.
  • Well, through this App, all these things would be sorted, and it would give you seamless experience in scheduling meeting and sending them the invitation through single platform.
  • The unique part is this would also be seen in the history of the document (Lead, Opportunity or customer)
  • Quick Video to understand the Meeting Schedule Document Process:


How to use Meeting Notes

  • I am sure most of us have used or have been using MOM (Minute of Meetings) format in excel or word format to track the points discussed and Actionable for the meetings.
  • This old way of drafting meeting notes does not have proper uniformity, nor you can have proper tracking mechanism for future reference.
  • Well, through this Meeting Notes you can have proper meeting discussion, actionable and expenses can be tracked in the document.
  • The best part is this meeting Note can be directly access from the meetings you have schedule. It means you can use it for the Leads, Opportunity and Customer doc type.
  • This would also be seen in the history of the document.
  • Quick Video to understand the Meeting Note (Create Meeting) Document Process:



Complete documentation for Meeting Management here


GNU GPL V3. (See license.txt for more information).

The Meeting Management code is licensed as GNU General Public License (v3) and the copyright is owned by FinByz Tech Pvt Ltd.

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