Support Open Source ❤️

Big corporations that run public clouds, care more about extracting value from the community rather than supporting open source. Time and again companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google have benefitted from Open Source and given away precious little.

Join The Movement

Frappe is an Open Source First Company. ERPNext is the culmination of years worth of effort put in by Frappe developers. Unlike other so-called Open Source ERPs, ERPNext is truly Free Software and there are no closed, critical modules that you need to run ERPNext on your own.

Frappe Cloud offers you the same freedom as any other cloud hosting service, at a fair price and amazing service. By choosing Frappe Cloud over other cloud providers, you are contributing to keep this fire of freedom alive.

Great Price, Excellent Service

Frappe has been at the forefront of hosting ERPNext since 2010. ERPNext is a complex beast which is equivalent to atleast a dozen "SaaS" products in one. With Frappe Cloud, you are assured that we bring the same expertise and service to your hosting needs. Along with as the premium hosting site for users who need constant support, Frappe Cloud is a perfect service for those who can self support, but need hassle free hosting.

Make The Right Choice

Open Source projects will thrive if people make conscious decisions about what kind of businesses they choose to support. Just like the "Buy Local" movement, where you choose to buy from local businesses, because the money stays in your community, using Frappe Cloud will ensure that the money goes back to the open source community.