Car Repair Management

Car Repair Management

This app is developed to handle business/industries of Car Repairs using ERPNext Version 14.

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📢   For Version 14,

First needs to install ERPNext, Frappe HR and Frappe Non-Profit app. After then install the Car Repair Management app.

Car Repair Management

Car and Vehicle Repair management ERPNext apps provide complete solution for Automotive service workshop management for fleet-Vehicle. This ERPNext app is useful for any kind of Garage Management,car service center, Vehicle Service Management System, auto repair shop for spareparts and Body Shop service industry to manage service repair process for cars or any fleets and Vehicle.

Features of Car Repair Management

  • Your customer can send a car repair request from your website.
  • Generation of unique car repair request on submission and record it as repair request ticket in backend.
  • Allow Repair manager / Repair users to create and manage diagnosys of car repair requests.
  • Repair Ticket and assigned to Responsible or Technician or Repair User.
  • Allow you to configure and manage Cars and Cars Parts.
  • Allow you to add more images on the Car Repair Request ticket form.
  • Car Repair Request report in PDF format.
  • Car Repair User / Manager / Technician can communicate with customers using chatter and fill timesheets for work they have done for that ticket.
  • Car Repair Request Manager can close tickets and send invoice to customers
  • Customer will fill Feedback sent to manager when the manager done the ticket.
  • Manage your Car Repair Request tickets using assignment to Car Repair Team.
  • Reports -> Car Repair report, Vehicle report and Car Diagnosis Available in PDF format.
  • Send notification for car repair status when car repair request is done
  • Master Configurations available : Brand, Service Type, Car Parts, Service Checklist
  • Manager can create sale quotation for car daignosis
  • Display multiple car in car daignosis quotation reports

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I am not able to Install on 14 days trial account

I am not able to Install on 14 days trial account

Oasis Tech • 1 year ago • Reply