Special Item Accountancy Code

Special Item Accountancy Code

This application allow to define Accountancy code on Item according an attribute define on Thirdparty.

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Special Item Accountancy Code

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bench get-app git@github.com:scopen-coop/specialitemaccountancycode.gitbench install-app specialitemaccountancycodebench migrate

On Thirdparty (Customer or Supplier), this module will add a field "type" : for exemple "Europe", "Asia", or whatever you can define them.Then on each Item you will be able to define accountancy code that will be affected on Invoice (and then in Global Ledger) different from the default one

Originally make for French accountancy needed feature. If you buy or sell items, the accountancy code must not be the same depending on what type of customer or supplier you buy or sell (Tax exoneration, inside CEE, domestic sells, export buying)


AGPL 3.0

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