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HR Addon

Addon for Erpnext attendance and employee checkins

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Addon for Erpnext attendance and employee checkins


This addon aims to enhance the basic attendance solution of ERPNext. HR Addon is an extension that builds on the basic functionality and process of ERPNext and works with data that is already generated and made available through the standard Doctypes in the Human Resources (HR) module.

Some of the functions we can handle with this addon are:

  • Record and total punch times despite absence
  • Record and total punch times even on vacation days. Also "Half Day". quick recognition of irregular punching per employee
  • TARGET/ACTUAL comparison of working time
  • different working time models like full time and part time Requirements

The procedure to make sense of the Workday is based on:

  • We record punch times via the DocType Employee Checkin
  • we generate the DocType attendance in the system manually, semi-automatically or automatically via a shift (Mark Attendance)
  • Working time models: ERPNext does not provide in its basic function that an indication of the TARGET hours of an employee is made. In order to be able to compare TARGET and ACTUAL hours, we can create a DocType Weekly Working Hours in HR Addon.

In this DocType we can set a working hours model per employee. We specify on which days of the week she should work and for how many hours.


The DocType Workday represents a day on which an employee could work. This includes the usual working week Monday to Friday, as well as weekends and holidays. We want to create a Workday in the system for a complete data set, i.e. for each employee and day.

The function Process Workday allows us to generate workdays per employee and defined period from the existing data (Employee Checkin and Attendance).

Furthermore, the workday gets the TARGET hours via the stored Weekly Working Hours of the corresponding employee.


The different views of the Workday (list, report etc.) allows us to achieve the desired evaluation results with the help of filters.

User interface

In order to use the addon in an optimal way we should manually add the relevant doctypes in some places

Create Workspace as an addon for HR and place DocType in the Attendances tab. Dashboard links in DocType Employees for Workday Weekly working hours


The comprehensive documentation can be found at

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