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Nb Desk

NB Desk is the feature build to extend current feature in Frappe HelpDesk with Slack Integration. This app will enable users to create ticket directly from their Slack Channel. And also get messages in individual thread for each ticket with 2 way communication

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NB Desk

Slack Integration

Note: This Integration is for private channels for frappe helpdesk


  • After Installing this app user can send Notification to Slack Channel
  • Using /Ticket command User can create Ticket from Slack to frappe site
  • User can reply to specific threads in slack and those reply will be refllected to their frappe desk
  • Replies From frappe desk will alse be reflected in slack threads


Create a New Slack app


Go to App Manifest


Copy this and paste it in app manifest section of your app

    "display_information": {
        "name": "Frappe Integrator",
        "description": "An app to Integrate Frappe with Slack",
        "background_color": "#464e63"
    "features": {
        "bot_user": {
            "display_name": "FrappeDesk",
            "always_online": true
        "slash_commands": [
                "command": "/ticket",
                "url": "{Your live site link}/api/method/nb_desk.api.slack_event.create_slack_ticket",
                "description": "Please Write about your issue",
                "usage_hint": "Use Subject key for writting the subject and desc for description",
                "should_escape": false
    "oauth_config": {
        "scopes": {
            "user": [
            "bot": [
    "settings": {
        "event_subscriptions": {
            "request_url": "{Your live site link}/api/method/nb_desk.api.slack_event.reply_creation",
            "user_events": [
        "org_deploy_enabled": false,
        "socket_mode_enabled": false,
        "token_rotation_enabled": false

Note: Change the your live site url

Now install the app to your workspace


After installing the app will get a bot token in OAuth & Permission section and Webhook url at Incoming webhook section put it in you slack webhook url

*fill all the Fields like webhook url Slack token and the channel name where you had installed the slack app set it to default and save it.*


Now you can Create Notification against communication by setting the trigger to new

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