Green Checklist

Green Checklist

This app is used for maintaining the records/status of daily activities to be carried out.

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Green Checklist

Green Checklist is an effort to make frequency based security. This app helps to digitally maintain track of the daily routine activities. Keeping track involves maintaining the details like dates, performed by, supervised by etc. The routine tasks may be related to a particular asset or any of the services that are performed in the common areas. Provision is made such that the location can be captured on the checklist it self in case where the checklist is for common area service.

The routines/tasks are defined as parameters against which updates can be marked. The parameters can have two types of values - Choice base and parameter based. Choice based values accept Yes/No and for Parameter based a range can be specified.

Major Features

  • Email notifications to users.
  • Reports for Analysis.
  • Dashboard for Analysis.

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