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Property Management

Property Management

Property Management System will help to manage your real estate portfolio with Property Items, Property, Maintenance, Insurance, Utilities, and Rent management with reminders. It manages Customers, Tenants, Landlords, and Tenancy details. Property Management also manages reports and workspace.

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Property Management

Features of Property Management:

➤ Property Item

  • It manages Property Group, Property Category, and whether Is Rent Item or not.

➤ Property

  • It manages Utility, Insurance, Safety certificates, Floor Plans, Photos, Documents, Nearest places, and scheduler. It also manages the requirements of the property.
  • If you select rent type after then select available for use then automatically set in Depreciation method, Total Number of Depreciation, Frequency of Depreciation (Months), and Depreciation Posting Date.
  • You can also check status-wise property detail.

➤ Auto create Rent Items

  • If the property is rentable and submitted then automatically rent item will create in the property item and it links with the property.

➤ Property Owner & Group, and Property Manager & Group

  • You can manage the Group-wise, and territory-wise, and also define the list of properties.

➤ Tenant & Tenant Group, and Landlord & Landlord Group

  • You can manage the Group-wise, and territory-wise, and also define the list of properties.
  • When you create a property owner, property manager, tenant, and landlord. After the save it then will automatically create a customer as per created doctype and link with the created doctype.

➤ Tenancy

  • You can tenant-wise tenancy and landlord-wise tenancy managed in one form.
  • If you select property id then automatically details fetch from property doctype, After then click get schedule, automatically get schedule form property doctype.
  • After submitting Tenancy the Invoice and Payment details will be visible and editable, and you can link with the invoice and payment entry.

➤ Auto create Event / Schedule

  • When you submit the tenancy then will automatically create an event.
  • It will also linked with the tenancy and property.

Key reports of Property Management

➤ Property Details

➤ Tenancy Details

➤ Schedule-wise Tenancy Details

➤ Property Utility

➤ Property Insurance

➤ Nearest Places of Property

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