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Erpnext Quota

Erpnext Quota

App to manage Frappe Document Count and Space limitations

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Erpnext Quota

App to manage ERPNext User, Company and Space limitations


Install the app. It will add quota config in the site_config.json file Contents will look similar:

 "db_name": "_93245f986574151a",
 "db_password": "NQaBCOxtDUDWNJiP",
 "db_type": "mariadb",
 "quota": {
  "active_users": 2,
  "backup_files_size": 2,
  "company": 2,
  "count_administrator_user": 0,
  "count_website_users": 0,
  "db_space": 100,
  "private_files_size": 0,
  "public_files_size": 0,
  "space": 5120,
  "used_company": 1,
  "used_db_space": 47,
  "used_space": 2,
  "users": 5,
  "valid_till": "2022-12-25"

Manually change the default values to change the limits. Default is: - 5 active users not including website users - 2 companies

quota.json file will automatically get updated for any

To view the Usage info, find it in Settings Module or search 'Usage Info' in the awesome bar

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