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Raven is a messaging tool designed to help teams collaborate and communicate with each other and get work done. You can install the app on the same site as other Frappe apps like ERPNext/FrappeHR and quickly have your team onboarded on Raven.

Users can create their own channels (public or private) and send messages, emojis, files, images and more.


  1. Send messages to all members in your organization (in an "open" channel), or just in your team in a private channel

  2. Create new channels based on team/role/departments

  3. Send text messages 💬, code blocks 💻, emojis 😆, files 📑 and images 📸

  4. Mention users in your messages with "@"

  5. React to messages with emojis 🎉

  6. Preview images, videos and PDF files right inside the app 📁

  7. Comprehensive search 🔍 functionality for all your messages, files, channels and users

  8. Don't strain your eyes 👀 - Raven supports dark mode 🌙

  9. Send messages to channels right from the Desk interface and link documents to messages. The messages will also appear on the document’s timeline.

  10. Collaborate on the go with the Raven mobile app 📱. This is currently a PWA (at /raven_mobile) , but we’re working on a native mobile app.

Reporting Bugs

If you find any bugs, feel free to report them here on GitHub Issues. Make sure you share enough information (app screenshots, browser console screenshots, stack traces, etc) for project maintainers to replicate your bug.



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