Take Away Your Hosting Blues

Frappe Cloud is amazingly easy to setup and use, and packs powerful features.

One Click Setup

Create a site in with a single click. Forget Bench setup, no NGINX, Redis, Process Management. Everything just magically works.

Restore from Backup

You can also move your existing sites to Frappe Cloud by uploading your database and files backups. Your site will be created and migrated.

Custom Domains

Just add a CNAME to your domain and your site will now be served from Frappe Cloud. Create your own website using the Frappe CMS.

Micro Billing

You will be billed exactly for the number of days for which your site is up, so you can use Frappe Cloud to make test / developments sites.

Unlimited users

Sites on Frappe Cloud are not priced based on the number of users you manage. If you need support you should go to erpnext.com

Built for Frappe & ERPNext

Frappe.Cloud is designed and built based on experience of running more than 1000 sites for 10 years

Get Started for Free

With Frappe Cloud you pay for only the amount of days you have your site up. What's more, we give you $25 in Free Credits so you can give it a spin before you commit anything.