Hassle-free ERPNext Hosting

Provision and deploy Frappe sites without touching the command line.


Frappe Cloud is a server management tool for sites that run ERPNext and other Frappe apps. You can create ERPNext sites, personal blogs or build a membership management software for your new Gym. Sites on Frappe Cloud are powered by the Frappe Framework, which allows you to manage and build complex business scenarios without writing code.

Right Balance of Simplicity and Power

Designed for developers and the ecosystem, Frappe Cloud is the best of both worlds


Frappe Cloud is built for Developers. You can quickly create applications and deploy them on the cloud, no local setup needed. With one click site deployment, monitoring dashboards, you can focus on what really matters for your customers.

Service Providers

Frappe Cloud is a replacement for AWS and Digital Ocean. Bill your customers on your own terms. Let us take care of hosting, setup, migrations and monitoring. Partners still get more benefits via our Partner Program.


Your company may have a team of tech experts waiting to handle deployment. But why even bother? For a small fee, let the experts handle deployment scripts, fixing them, and keeping your system up. Free up your developer resources.

Small Businesses

Frappe Cloud is a low cost way to host ERPNext, for those who find it a hassle to manage running commands on the Public Cloud. You get the best of both worlds, full flexibility and control of pricing as well as a managed, hassle free environment.

Get Started for Free

With Frappe Cloud you pay for only the amount of days you have your site up. What's more, we give you $25 in Free Credits so you can give it a spin before you commit anything.