Dairy Management System

Dairy Management System

The Milk Management System is a simple Dairy Software to maintain milk record by account member.

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📢   For Version 14,

The Milk Management System is a software based application works as a simple Dairy Software to maintain daily milk record by registered account members, generate salary and maintain reports. The Milk Management System is a junction or place between rural area people and Dairy Management System.

Dairy Management System


The Milk Management System is a simple Dairy Software to maintain milk record by account member.



➤ Milk Center

  • We can set milk center name

➤ Milk Sample Test Type

  • We can Manage Milk Sample Test Type

Let’s have a look at features of the Dairy Management System

  1. Create and manage member account registration
  2. Daily milk collection morning and evening shift.
  3. Calculate total Buy milk price based on rate,fat and milk(ltr) qty
  4. Define Milk type : Cow or Buffalo
  5. Manage milk collection record as member wise
  6. Create purchase receipt and purchse invoice from buy milk form view using "Create" dropdown
  7. Collect and test milk sample with test reports
  8. After collect test milk sample send for approval and approver can approved the test sample
  9. Manage Sale milk record
  10. Calculate total Sale milk price based on rate,fat and milk(ltr) qty
  11. Create sale invoice from sale milk form view
  12. Summary Board : 1) Buy Summary: Total Buy Litter,Total Buy Price2) Sale Summary: Total Sale Litter,Total Sale Price3) Pending Stock: Pending Stock(ltr) ( Calculate pending stock : total buy milk - total sale milk)
  13. Create stock entry manually from summary board
  14. Van Collection : Pending milk stock transfer to the Van/Truck.
  15. Manage customer details and Supplier details

Key Reports

  • Buy Milk History
  • Sale Milk History
  • Summary Report


  • Buy Milk Chart (Shown Sum of Daily milk collection in litter)

Main Desk view of Dairy Management System

DMS Desk_view

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