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WhatsApp integration for frappe using meta API's

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Whatsapp Plus

WhatsApp integration for frappethat use directly meta API's. All the images given are in Italian since my PC is set in Italian, by installing the plugin on a machine with a different language the language will adapt

Key Features:

Send Text Templates on WhatsApp Send Media Templates on WhatsApp Send/receive text messages Send/receive messages with multimedia files with the ability to download multimedia files Select the customers to send the message without having to rewrite the whole number each time (the contacts are taken from the DocType Customer, therefore contacts must be saved in that doctype as well as for the notification) Recognition if an incoming message is sent from a contact that has already been saved, in which case it is specified in the from field, and the user is given the opportunity to reply to this message through a specific function Ability to send messages to groups of users by selecting the group via a select Possibility to notify all customers saved in the database from the doctype whatsapp message


Meta for Developers Account WhatsApp configured there in Meta Developer Account Verified Business on Meta Verified WhatsApp Number and Permanent Token

  • Setup webhook on meta
    • Add verify token on meta and update the same on whatsapp settings
    • Add webhook url on meta <your domain>/api/method/frappe_whatsapp.utils.webhook.webhook
  • Add apropriate webhook fields
    • messages to receive message
    • add other required web fields For more details contact us at



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