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Courier Management

Courier Management

Courier management module, allows you to manage the handling and delivery of packages and shipments from your location or transit hub to the end customers.

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  3. Creating a new bench on frappe cloud.

Note: As per frappe cloud's new policy, they can't provide the custom publisher app on the trial version. So If you want to trial the demo for the app then, please choose a one-month plan your according.

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📢   For Version 14,

First needs to install ERPNext, Frappe HR app. After then install the Courier Management app.


Courier management module, allows you to manage the handling and delivery of packages and shipments from your location or transit hub to the end customers. A courier management system automates the numerous delivery operations involved in operating transportation businesses and tracks the dispatch of packages and parcels at every stage of the route.



➤ Courier Types

  • Create and Manage various courier type.

➤ Courier Location

  • Manage sendor and receiver location details

➤ Courier Routing Path Information

  • Manage location details with distance and time duration

Let’s have a look at features of the Courier Management

➤ Courier Information

  • Booking the parcel order and meets your expectation
  • Manage Courier Information: Courier Type,Order Reference,Commodity,Origin/Received, No. of Parcels/Pieces
  • We can add Parcel dimension information: Length,Width,Height, Volume,Weight
  • Manage Routing Information: Routing, Distance, Price, Estimated Delivery Date, Product Packaging, Service Type, Terms

  • Predefined routing paths and track route on google map via single click

  • Track your courier status via tracking no
  • Track courier via your email , sending an email every time when your courier status changed

  • Visible check box for invoice paid status after confirmed invoice

  • History generated for all courier moves with different stages.
  • Generate courier receipt and shipping detail reports
  • If you not deliver courier in the some specific location at that time we can courier hand over the third parties vendor
  • Admin can see and manage all categories of couriers like pending courier,dispatched courier,delivered courier and all courier

➤ Insurance,Claim and return process Information

  • Manage Courier insurance,claim and return process easily
  • We can manage courier invoice,insurance invoice,claim and refund invoice
  • Track the all invoice individual : invoice,insurance invoice,claim and refund invoice

Key Reports

  • Courier Report
  • Courier tracking Report

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