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    FCM Notification

    FCM Notification

    Send Firebase Cloud Messaging Notifications from your Frappe Site

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    FCM Notification for ERPNext

    Send notifications created in Frappe or ERPNext as push notication via Firebase Cloud Message (FCM)

    Steps to use the app:

    1. Install the app into your site. (Refer)

    2. Create a new Server Script with values given below:

      i. Script Type: DocType Event

      ii. Reference Document Type: Notification Log

      iii. DocType Event: Before Insert

      iv. Script:"fcm_notification.send_notification.send_notification", doc=doc)

    To learn more about server scripts visit this link.

    1. Add your FCM server key in FCM Notification Settings. (Refer)

    2. Link your device id to each user using the User Device DocType.

    3. Optionally create a notification in Frappe/ERPNext. (Docs here)

    4. Run an event that triggers any notification. The notification will be sent to the respective user via FCM if they have subscribed to it.

    Supporting Organization

    The development of this app was commissioned by Searchosis marketing Pvt Ltd

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