Create Child Teams

Create new child team

You can create several child teams or sub teams under your team which will act as a parent team to your child teams.

Child team can create sites/benches as usual and the usage and billing will be tracked under parent team's account.

To create a new child team or create by inviting, click on Manage from Team Section > Add Child team.

One can see all the child teams in the Teams section. Screenshot 2023 05 12 at 3.07.42 PM

Add child team

Child team's dashboard view Child team

Transfer a site to child team

Parent team can transfer sites under their team to child team's account.

  • To transfer the site, open any site dashboard click on Actions > Transfer Site.
  • Add child team email id to which you wish to transfer the site.

Transfer site to child team

Note: Please make sure the team is active and already added as child team while transferring the site.

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