Build your own SaaS

What is SaaS?

Let's say you are a developer who is working on a shiny new Frappe App. Once the development phase is complete taking your app live is a huge obstacle. You have to think about deployment, onboarding, subscription management, payments and more. There's also a question of visibility and growth. Your app might be very cool but how will it grow?

All of this is never ending process and our SaaS offerings take a lot of this hassle away from you! Let us handle onboarding, subscriptions, payments, deployment and more so that you can only focus on building your awesome app.

To get started go to Frappe Cloud dashboard and create a new app from Developer tab. Check this section for more details on guidelines for publishing an app to marketplace. Once you submit an app we will review it and get back to you.

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Once you are done publishing the app move to the pricing section for creating plans.

create plan

Checkout the next section for more!

Note: You need to create atleast one free plan to setup Trial Signups

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