Billing Cycle

Overview of Frappe Cloud's Billing Process

Frappe Cloud billing cycles are monthly. Each site is microbilled on a daily basis. When you select a plan, the monthly amount is divided by the number of days in the current calendar month. You are charged every day based on the number of sites you have each day.

Billing Dashboard

You can access and update your billing information from /dashboard/account/billing. The dashboard also shows information regarding the current usage from all your sites.

We finalize invoices on the last day of each month at 6 PM IST. Sites created after this point will be a part of next month's billing cycle.

Use Cases

Here's an attempt to explain the process by considering a few use cases:

Single plan throughout the calendar month

When you select the $100 plan for your site, every day $3.33 is accrued to your monthly usage in case of a 30 day month. For the month of April, the estimate would look something like

- Base Plan No. of Days Rate Total
$100 30 $3.33/day $99.9

This rate may go to $3.23 in case of a 31 day month or $3.57 in case of a 28 day month. This means that you are charged no more than $100 for hosting your site each month. For February 2024 (leap year), this would look something like

- Base Plan No. of Days Rate Total
$100 29 $3.45/day $100.05

Multiple plans throughout the calendar month

Another instance of hosting a site on $200 plan. After 15 days, you need more CPU time and decide to upgrade to plan $500. For a 31 day month, you get charged $354.84 in total. Here's the break up.

- Base Plan No. of Days Rate Total
$200 15 $6.45/day $96.77
$500 16 $16.13/day $258.07

Site dropped in the middle of the month

If you drop your site 4 days into the month, you will be charged for those 4 days.

- Base Plan No. of Days Rate Total
$200 4 $6.45/day $25.8

Even if you might drop all your sites mid-way, you will receive the invoice at the end of the month.