For Marketplace apps that are non-free, we do a payout to the publisher at the end of every month. The payout contains all the payments we have collected from the customers over that month.

Setup Payout Preferences

If you want to publish a paid app, please visit the Publisher Profile page and edit your payout preferences:

Payout Preferences

You can select from one of the following payout methods:

Payout Methods

If you are based from outside India, the only option available as of now is Paypal. You need to raise an PayPal invoice at the end of the month.

Payout Orders

You can visit the Payouts page from your Developer dashboard to see the history of payouts with an option to view more details. A payout is in draft mode until the payment is processed from our side:

Developer Payouts Page

Payout Terms

Frappe Cloud takes the first $500 of the revenue the app makes. After that the payment will be split 80-20, where 80% will go to you and 20% to Frappe Cloud.

Payout Terms are effective from 1st April 2023.

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