Summary of Invoices

This API returns a list of invoices (both Paid and Unpaid) for the given team in descending order of creation date. The invoices also contain a list of line items (items in API) for that invoice.




import requests

headers = {
    "Authorization": "Token <api-key>:<api-secret>",
    "X-Press-Team": "<team>"
requests.get("", headers=headers).json()

> All requests require Authorization and X-Press-Team headers.

Sample Response Data:

    "message": [
            "name": "INV-2022-00106",
            "status": "Paid",
            "period_end": "2022-07-31",
            "payment_mode": "Card",
            "type": "Subscription",
            "currency": "INR",
            "amount_paid": 750.0,
            "items": [
                    "amount": 750.0,
                    "name": "",
                    "type": "Site",
                    "parent": "INV-2022-00106",
                    "quantity": 30.0,
                    "rate": 25.0,
                    "plan": "USD 25"

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