Guidelines for choosing a server plan

We offer a number of plans for both your application and your database server, and you may be confused as to which plan to choose for both. This document will help you rectify that confusion.

90% of the time, you won't be picking the correct plan for your server from the get go, which is why we have the provision to change plan whenever you desire. This is because you can only see the workload on the servers once you start using your sites.

The best tool to help you analyse the workload on the server is the Analytics tab on your Frappe Cloud Servers dashboard. You'll see many charts. I'll try to go over some of the important ones that you have quick control over with plans.

Bench Memory Usage

Benches you create on the server will use around 400 MB (appx.) of memory at minimum number of sites (2 gunicorn workers and 1 set of background workers). The system will try to allocate as much free memory that is available to existing benches on the basis of sites on the benches. This means that you should be careful adding too many benches to server that has only 4 GB total RAM available. You can watch free memory available on the server from the Analytics tab on the server dashboard.

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