Frappe Cloud is a managed hosting service purpose-built for Frappe Framework based sites.

It helps you get rid of manual operations like setting up a server, installing dependencies, managing security upgrades, etc. Frappe Cloud takes out all the hassle so that you can focus on creating and managing sites saving valuable time for your organization.

Easy to use

When you want to host a Frappe site, for e.g ERPNext, you need to rent a server, install bench with all its dependencies, install frappe framework, create a site, setup custom domain, setup automated backups, setup monitoring, setup logging, manage upgrades, handle upgrade failures, and many more unknown problems that come with self hosting.

This is the problem Frappe Cloud solves, you don't need to do any of those steps, and you can directly create sites on demand without touching the command line at all.

Continuous deployment from Git

Frappe Cloud supports custom apps and integration with GitHub. You can keep developing your apps and Frappe Cloud will pull latest commits and perform deployments on your sites. You can opt for automatic deployments or manual deployments.

No vendor lock-in

Frappe Cloud gives you automated as well as on-demand backups for your sites. At any point, you can trigger the latest backup, download it and move it to a cloud provider of your choice.

Affordable Pricing

Frappe Cloud starts with $10 per site per month, so you can give it a test spin without investing too much. You even get a free $10 credit on signup.

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