Role Permissions

Frappe Cloud provides permission access for team members based on roles. They allow you to restrict access to site, bench and server individually.

Configuring Permission

Currently configuring of permission is only allowed for Team owners

  • Go to Settings > Permissions

  • Click on New Role, input the Role name and click on Confirm

  • Select the + button to add members

  • You can also configure additional settings in the Settings tab of the dialog

    Allowing Site/Bench/Server creation option will also ensure permissions for newly created Site/Bench/Server under that team.

  • Select the Role to add permissions for sites, benches or servers

  • Click on Add, select the Site, Bench or Server and then click on Add to add permissions for them

A newly added team member will have unrestricted access since they're not included in any of the role. Add them to a role to restrict their access.

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